Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

That’s right, it’s another 2018 review all up in your face as if you can resist though. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on the year but, also to look at my post last year and compare.

2018 was a year where I really thrived with photography. At the beginning of the year, I spoke about how photography had become a chore for me in the past and that has not been the case this year. I’ve surrounded myself with creative individuals and tried to experiment with new techniques and styles. It has been amazing meeting new creatives and shooting, I am so proud of everything I have shot this year!

2018 has been a rollercoaster year for me personally, I didn’t get that tattoo I mentioned this time last year (Internally screams), but I have travelled all over the place, from Croatia to Hamburg it’s been a big adventure. My own mentality this year has been, it’s not selfish to be selfish, and I will go into why below. Enjoy my yearly breakdown

January 2018

One of my New Year resolutions last year was to complete a 52 week project, and I actually stuck to it. I originally wanted to take inspiration from Rosie Hardy’s fairytale pictures, but the more I got into this the more I realised that wasn’t my style and it’s ok to embrace that! The project allowed me to use my camera in day to day life which is definitely something I need to continue this year.

February 2018

Going to get a bit deep here, back in February I started hypnotherapy. A few people had recommended that I give it a go, and in my bid for a calmer and happier life I gave it a chance. The experience is always personal to everyone and I won’t touch on what I went through but it did allow me to take a step back and see things from a completely different perspective. This idea that in your mind the world really does revolve around you and if you’re not enjoying it or feel you need to change something then hunt that something down because it’s not selfish to be selfish. Whether you seek help for anything from your mentality to physicality, you are number one. Also, it’s not a bad thing to say NO.

March 2018

Snow landscape photo

The UK experienced some weird ass weather this year and the snow was just insane, as we all know we are never prepared for it and being stuck in the house for four days drives me insane.

April 2018

This year has been a mad year for photo shoots, I’ve been so grateful to all the lovely and unique people i’ve met along the way.

May 2018

Bald model framed by wooden windows and blossoms

In May I turned 23 and I treated myself to the Canon 5D MK IV, it’s been a dream of mine to own this camera and I am so proud that I took the plunge. It’s been an adventure learning how to use this camera and I am constantly learning.

June 2018

One of the biggest things (for me) is I travelled to Hamburg with Lilly A weekend adventure around the city, this was the first time I’ve travelled without my family or my partner. After this, I got the travel bug-ish. I’m still a bit of a home girl though, you’re never going to see be backpacking across Europe I promise.

July 2018


This Summer’s weather was insane too, we had a period of serious heatwaves and on one of the hottest days of the year, I decided to do two shoots in Bournemouth, on the beach. The tan lines are still there. In all seriousness, though it’s important to look after yourself in a shoot, if your a model OR the photographer, it’s easy to forget but believe me you will regret it.

August 2018

For BOWO creative I created a facebook live all on tips for new businesses on how to improve your photography! My arm never ached so much.

September 2018


I told you I caught the travel bug! I visited the gorgeous island of Korcula, the perfect temperature at this time of year and just what I needed. Although it does look beautiful it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting at certain points with our Boat that broke down in the ocean, some beautiful sunburn and a stinking cold that left me sniffing by the pool, although if you have to sniff anywhere, a pool is a great place to do it.

October 2018

This month my beautiful nephew was born and oh my god he’s adorable. That is all.

November 2018


A weekend in Amsterdam, I’m very lucky in that my partner is very supportive of my photography, he is my number one fan (I hope), and we spent 5 hours one day finding the perfect Canal shot.

December 2018

December has been all about friends and family, they are incredibly important to me and I’ve spent this month sharing moments with all the people important to me.


So what am I aiming for in 2019? Well this year for me is all about getting Beth Roach Photography off the ground and I cannot wait for the challenge, I have spent the last few months putting price lists together and themes for 2019 so keep your eyes peeled.

What are your plans for 2019?

52 Week Project – November

2018 is almost over, isn’t that insane?! It feels like yesterday it was January! What has been your favourite thing about 2018?

Week 42 – Remember, remember the 5th Of November

Week 42 – Remember, remember the 5th Of November

I don’t know if this week’s submission to my 52 week project counts but this is a re-edit of a shoot with Gemma using sparklers. A difficult shoot but I love having some time away from photos and revisiting them!

Week 43 – Bare trees and autumn leaves

Week 43 – Bare trees and autumn leaves

This month, my partner and I attempted to be spontaneous and whisked ourselves away to Amsterdam where we ate lots, drank lots and got lost exploring the beautiful canals in search of ‘that shot’. I couldn’t quite work out whether we were going around in circles or we’d seen hundreds of different ones!

Week 44 – Icicles

Week 44 – Icicles

Every year my mum and I visit Liberty’s in London to see their beautiful Christmas department. It’s a tradition that always gets me in the festive spirit, although we did stumble into a protest which wasn’t planned.

Week 45 – Instagram your self

Week 45 – Instagram your self

Is it even Instagram if you haven’t got fake glasses? Meet your photographer ladies and gentlemen!

Award winning studio portrait

I’ve never entered a photography competition before, mostly out of fear and lack of confidence in hearing what others think of my work. Jess from busy bees photography suggested that I submit an image I created from our photography group last month, an image that I loved the moment I created it, to the monthly national photographic society.

Sceptical at first I submitted it anyway, telling myself that it didn’t matter what anyone thought as long as I loved it!

I received a highly commended award and I couldn’t be happier. It’s given me such a buzz and I would encourage everyone to just push yourself out there, it can do you the world of good and it’s so motivating to create something new! If I can do it, you can!

Red head portrait in low key studio portrait and edge lighting

We run the world

Today I’m talking about us girls – no sexism intended! In my previous post, I briefly mentioned joining an all female photography group, a place where female photographers can feel safe and inspired while offering photography workshops to develop skills, or even just for a chat.

Street portrait of brunette model

Every month we will be participating in a competition based on a topic or phrase and our first was “Women only” – very fitting to start us off. Mind maps and lists later I had an idea, something a bit out there(“You’re a bit weird, darling. A good weird though!” – the boyfriend said.) but I wanted to stand out, there’s no point in hiding it all away, plus as a push to my confidence I had forced myself to do it. The shoot did not go to plan, I had one specific idea that was not going right, until my last shot where something had finally fallen into place!

Blogger lifestlye portrait of model in highwaisted jeans, leaning against a wall wearing sunglasses

Now you might be looking through this post and seeing images I took of Chloe and Maddy and be thinking “This doesn’t look very Women Only to me”, and that’s because I won’t be sharing my image on here. The reason being is it took a lot for me to share it with a group of women I don’t even know, and the people that know me know how hard that would have been. It’s an image that will prompt a lot of debate, and a debate I’m not ready for, maybe one day though!

I did receive a runner-up prize for having confidence in my work, which seems pretty ironic now. The criticism is always something I will struggle with, but hopefully, as I progress I get used to it and don’t take everything to heart. We’ll be going for the win this month!

Oh! So these images of the girls and the reason for them (if you need one) is I was given a new lens for my 22nd birthday. It’s a very exciting bit of kit that has me reaching for my camera bag every day – she says even though she left it at her boyfriends for 4 days, seriously, who manages to leave a camera bag behind? All the images above were taken with it, big thanks to the girls who just wanted a quiet drink but, it was the golden hour and I just needed to practise!!

Lifestyle full length portrait of hipster woman walking through a model

Photography Alevel Work

With things getting slightly on top of me I took the time to look back at some old work, work that I’m still to this day not sure how to feel about, but have been encouraged to share. I know this is personal but I’ve always felt self conscious about my portfolio, and anxious about how others may perceive it but as it’s a Thursday I thought I would keep up with the tradition of Throwback Thursday and share some little bits.

These two were from my first Unit on my college course, a topic based on Urban Landscape and of course, me being me I managed to distort the criteria to suit my love for portraiture. Moving around busy London, being shoved in all different directions, caught in the atmosphere and a lady doing a “duck face” in Carnaby Street made for an interesting day and some real characters.

Street photography style portrait of a woman waiting to cross the road in london


For those of you that don’t know me, being subtle isn’t my greatest talent so the image above was made even more special by the subject’s attention elsewhere. And who doesn’t love people watching anyway?

Within my Second Unit, I chose to look into pattern, another distorted topic with parts inspired by De Joode’s Wallpaper designs with the help of some lovely models.


wallpaper pattern using repeated portraits as a patternwallpaper pattern design using a studio portrait session

These two were to develop my studio skills, the one below being my first attempt at Medium Format Film processing. The quality of 120mm film shocked me, I loved and loathed it, the quality was fantastic as well as the new method I was learning, but the negative sure picked up any dust it could find! This shot of Dannielle was my favourite, after three attempts of removing dust there was only a little speck, but with time gathering dust in my portfolio the shot isn’t as clean as it was, and yet its still one of my favourites.

Medium format film portrait of woman

Further experimentation in the studio got us to work with Shadow Portraits, a fun alternative to the 18th-century Silhouettes.


shadow portrait of side profilesilhouette portrait of woman waving

Bex and Beats

This week I was lucky enough to collaborate with the talented make-up artists Bex and Beats.

After being away from the camera, and posting, for too long due to exams and just general block, Bex and me finally got round to organising a collaboration. Bex is a Make-up artist, currently doing a degree in Media Make-up, and has some absolutely great ideas. She got her friend Beats to model, another Make-up artist, who works so well with the camera. Bex was the one who came up with the idea of going to a little forest, just to see what we could do. All I can say is what an awesome pairing! Bex had great ideas and Beats was more than willing to put them into action, I was very spoilt.

Two hours worth of Prep resulted in two primary colour concepts by Bex, which certainly put my morning routine to shame. I’ve never seen so much MAC, I say enviously! We then strolled off to the Forest, while it was chucking it down with rain, and managed to find a spot just undercover.

Behind the Scenes:behind the scenes reflector portrait

The joys of impromptu Photo-shoots mean you take a reflector which is only six inches smaller than the actual assistant. Poor Bex.

Always test your equipment before your shoot, I say that regretfully after neither of my flashes worked and had to use my built-in which unfortunately didn’t have the strength.

On to the Photos, I hope you enjoy them.  The image above was my favourite from the shoot, my last shot in fact, taken using the old notice board just outside of the forest. For once I shot with colour, which makes a change but I had to show off that fantastic make-up!

I may have spoken too soon with using colour, but I couldn’t resist with some of these shots.

close up black and white portraitblack and white fashion portraitblack and white fashion photoPortrait of Beats with leaves in the backgroundBlack and white close up portrait of beats


The Photography Show 2014

“I’m an absolute tart when it comes to lighting!” – RANKIN 2014

It’s probably a bit late to post about The Photography Show but I thought as it was such a great day, why not? Practically Christmas in fact!

On 1st of March 2014, I went to The Photography Show at the NEC, and what a show! If I was let loose and wasn’t on limited funds I’d have the entire exhibition in my bedroom! Exhibitors from Canon and Nikon to rogue Stormtroopers, it’s safe to say it included everything for everyone.

Black and white storm trooper posing

I began with a lovely little stall by The Disabled Photographers society, they were so lovely and welcoming and had all types of photography equipment of all ages and models up for grabs. This is where I happened to stumble across a Kodak Pocket Camera, for £10 he was mine! How is that possible? You can never have too many film cameras in my opinion. And they then reinforced my “lovely” opinion of them by kindly showing me how to collapse it, without laughing too much.

Old Kodak Camera

This is Albert – Yes, I name my Cameras.

Unfortunately for my future savings, I decided I had to go talk to the lovely people at Canon, where so many encouraging people were equipped Canons of all models. HEAVEN! I held a 1-D for the first time, one hell of a tank in comparison with Leeroy my little 1000d, and discussed how it wasn’t for me and what I should go onto instead. Which led me onto the 6D mark III. Beautiful, that is all I have to say, and with the lens I wanted it’s a worthwhile £2000.

After several laps of taking in the whole two halls, I literally bumped into someone, apologising frantically I realised who it was, RANKIN. I had bumped into my favourite photographer, then proceeded to shout “You’re Rankin!” in his face, like a complete idiot! He quickly replied with “Yes” and walked off. Being a social media slave I had to tweet my embarrassment, which I might add he “favourited”, which softened the blow a little.

Humiliated, I did another lap of the hall and came across a little pop up bookshop called Book Axis, where a lovely man helped me pick several books to add to my future basket and one I couldn’t leave without at a discount price called “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it.” Full of new lighting inspiration if you’re struggling from a slight block.

A bit happier I strolled over to the Super stage where Rankin was giving his talk for an hour and a half, only two seats from the front! We had a slideshow with Fire by Kasabian in the background and went through it with Rankin explaining the motives behind each shot. Asking about tips and techniques he came out with the quote of this post of “I’m an absolute tart when it comes to lighting”, what a way to describe it, no tripods involved just one strong assistant making the light mobile. The talk began to come to a close and the security were directing us out while Rankin had just told everyone to go and see him.

After I tackled with the crowd and with “Fuck you Rankin” to be released later this year, which includes a compilation of his works with his models giving the finger, I managed to remind him that I was the one who humiliated myself, which he responded with “Yeah, I know, I just favourited your tweet, I then managed to get a “Fuck you” selfie, and got him to sign my Hunger magazine.

Safe to say I was overwhelmed!

Rankin_selfie_photography_show_2014Autograph for beth roach photography by rankin