Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

That’s right, it’s another 2018 review all up in your face as if you can resist though. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on the year but, also to look at my post last year and compare.

2018 was a year where I really thrived with photography. At the beginning of the year, I spoke about how photography had become a chore for me in the past and that has not been the case this year. I’ve surrounded myself with creative individuals and tried to experiment with new techniques and styles. It has been amazing meeting new creatives and shooting, I am so proud of everything I have shot this year!

2018 has been a rollercoaster year for me personally, I didn’t get that tattoo I mentioned this time last year (Internally screams), but I have travelled all over the place, from Croatia to Hamburg it’s been a big adventure. My own mentality this year has been, it’s not selfish to be selfish, and I will go into why below. Enjoy my yearly breakdown

January 2018

One of my New Year resolutions last year was to complete a 52 week project, and I actually stuck to it. I originally wanted to take inspiration from Rosie Hardy’s fairytale pictures, but the more I got into this the more I realised that wasn’t my style and it’s ok to embrace that! The project allowed me to use my camera in day to day life which is definitely something I need to continue this year.

February 2018

Going to get a bit deep here, back in February I started hypnotherapy. A few people had recommended that I give it a go, and in my bid for a calmer and happier life I gave it a chance. The experience is always personal to everyone and I won’t touch on what I went through but it did allow me to take a step back and see things from a completely different perspective. This idea that in your mind the world really does revolve around you and if you’re not enjoying it or feel you need to change something then hunt that something down because it’s not selfish to be selfish. Whether you seek help for anything from your mentality to physicality, you are number one. Also, it’s not a bad thing to say NO.

March 2018

Snow landscape photo

The UK experienced some weird ass weather this year and the snow was just insane, as we all know we are never prepared for it and being stuck in the house for four days drives me insane.

April 2018

This year has been a mad year for photo shoots, I’ve been so grateful to all the lovely and unique people i’ve met along the way.

May 2018

Bald model framed by wooden windows and blossoms

In May I turned 23 and I treated myself to the Canon 5D MK IV, it’s been a dream of mine to own this camera and I am so proud that I took the plunge. It’s been an adventure learning how to use this camera and I am constantly learning.

June 2018

One of the biggest things (for me) is I travelled to Hamburg with Lilly A weekend adventure around the city, this was the first time I’ve travelled without my family or my partner. After this, I got the travel bug-ish. I’m still a bit of a home girl though, you’re never going to see be backpacking across Europe I promise.

July 2018


This Summer’s weather was insane too, we had a period of serious heatwaves and on one of the hottest days of the year, I decided to do two shoots in Bournemouth, on the beach. The tan lines are still there. In all seriousness, though it’s important to look after yourself in a shoot, if your a model OR the photographer, it’s easy to forget but believe me you will regret it.

August 2018

For BOWO creative I created a facebook live all on tips for new businesses on how to improve your photography! My arm never ached so much.

September 2018


I told you I caught the travel bug! I visited the gorgeous island of Korcula, the perfect temperature at this time of year and just what I needed. Although it does look beautiful it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting at certain points with our Boat that broke down in the ocean, some beautiful sunburn and a stinking cold that left me sniffing by the pool, although if you have to sniff anywhere, a pool is a great place to do it.

October 2018

This month my beautiful nephew was born and oh my god he’s adorable. That is all.

November 2018


A weekend in Amsterdam, I’m very lucky in that my partner is very supportive of my photography, he is my number one fan (I hope), and we spent 5 hours one day finding the perfect Canal shot.

December 2018

December has been all about friends and family, they are incredibly important to me and I’ve spent this month sharing moments with all the people important to me.


So what am I aiming for in 2019? Well this year for me is all about getting Beth Roach Photography off the ground and I cannot wait for the challenge, I have spent the last few months putting price lists together and themes for 2019 so keep your eyes peeled.

What are your plans for 2019?

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