Urban Portrait Photoshoot

Adventures around Swindon, words you never hear together, in the rain hardly sounds like a scenic location for a photo shoot. Collaborations called again with Bex and Hannah making for a colourful photoshoot, even in grey Swindon. Mermaid inspired make-up and dilapidated old trolley make for such great shoot subjects, with the help of gorgeous Hannah of course.

rustic grey urban background and portrait of a model with dreadlocksmodel with dreadlocks portrait with railingsmodel with dreadlocks portrait in skateparkPortrait of model knelt in a skate parkabandoned building portraitmodel with dreadlocks portrait with graffiti background

Bex and Beats

This week I was lucky enough to collaborate with the talented make-up artists Bex and Beats.

After being away from the camera, and posting, for too long due to exams and just general block, Bex and me finally got round to organising a collaboration. Bex is a Make-up artist, currently doing a degree in Media Make-up, and has some absolutely great ideas. She got her friend Beats to model, another Make-up artist, who works so well with the camera. Bex was the one who came up with the idea of going to a little forest, just to see what we could do. All I can say is what an awesome pairing! Bex had great ideas and Beats was more than willing to put them into action, I was very spoilt.

Two hours worth of Prep resulted in two primary colour concepts by Bex, which certainly put my morning routine to shame. I’ve never seen so much MAC, I say enviously! We then strolled off to the Forest, while it was chucking it down with rain, and managed to find a spot just undercover.

Behind the Scenes:behind the scenes reflector portrait

The joys of impromptu Photo-shoots mean you take a reflector which is only six inches smaller than the actual assistant. Poor Bex.

Always test your equipment before your shoot, I say that regretfully after neither of my flashes worked and had to use my built-in which unfortunately didn’t have the strength.

On to the Photos, I hope you enjoy them.  The image above was my favourite from the shoot, my last shot in fact, taken using the old notice board just outside of the forest. For once I shot with colour, which makes a change but I had to show off that fantastic make-up!

I may have spoken too soon with using colour, but I couldn’t resist with some of these shots.

close up black and white portraitblack and white fashion portraitblack and white fashion photoPortrait of Beats with leaves in the backgroundBlack and white close up portrait of beats


50’s Gangster Themed Photoshoot

I have been completely overwhelmed with the number of reactions I got from The Photography Show post, especially when Rankin tweeted to me, I just couldn’t believe it. So thank you to you all that read it, and even more thanks to those that have come back for more! I was very disappointed that I don’t think I have enough photos for you all to see, so here’s some!

A few weeks ago I collaborated with a few of my friends for their media coursework, a composition to go towards a “1980’s gangster concept but in a 1950’s style”, and they have kindly given me permission to share my favourite photo’s with you all. I was very lucky to have a model, George, that listened to me and came up with some really great compositions.

However, if I had to learn something from this shoot it would keep it simple. Simple works, matches, fire and booze bottles do not, well not for a small set up in your living room anyway.

I hope you like them, I use more than one flash box occasionally, promise, but you can’t beat a bit of edge lighting in my opinion.

Gangster style portrait of male model with fedora in black and whiteLow key portrait of man with fedora

Low key edge lighting black and white portrait of male fedora