PoZer Studio

IMG_0094-EditWhat can I say about the beautiful Beth ? I am very fortunate to have had her shooting at PoZers a couple of times now, and Beth is so much fun to be around, whilst remaining completely professional and productive at all times. Beth is a wonderful photographer, exceptionally creative, full of fascinating ideas and exceptionally keen to make an impact on the industry, which I know she will. Beth is great to be around, she makes all the models feel at ease straight away, you can see the cogs turning in her mind, from the minute she walks through PoZers doors and she is jam packed full of concepts and future image creations. I truly can’t recommend Beth enough to everyone, from models, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers etc. If you want to be noticed, Beth is your girl, I certainly can’t wait to have her back at PoZers and hope to see her lots more in the future. Don’t hesitate to book this beautiful young lady for the day, whatever your concept, she will do you proud. Thanks Beth, for bringing so much happiness to the studio, from the minute you walk through the door, to the moment you leave, cant wait to have you back.


IMG_0170 copyThis is the work of Beth Roach she’s so lovely honestly, you pick your setting and she produces gorgeous photos! Definitely recommend!


IMG_0398 copyI am so in love with every single one of our pictures, I can’t thank you enough Beth!
Highly recommended, fabulous pictures and a lovely girl!