52 Week Project – October

I don’t consciously hate this time of year as much as some. I prefer the fashion, the temperature and the celebrations that autumn bring. However, for a photographer when there’s no light it’s hard not to get a bit sad. See below my images for October for the 52 week project.

Week 38 – The anticipation

Week 38 – The anticipation

I got the pleasure to shoot my nephew this week. A perk of being a photographer and aunty, there’s always willing models! However, I hope he doesn’t start to resent me as the aunty that puts me in baskets all the time!

Week 39 – The sky’s the limit

Week 39 – The sky’s the limit

It’s hard to not live life with your blinkers on, I had so many ideas for this week’s topic but with the light disappearing and short turn around it’s hard to keep the creativity flowing. The reason I say we live life with blinkers on it because I commute 3 hours a day, for a very monotonous drive, however it was fun to find this sunrise, proving there’s beauty everywhere!

Week 40 – Laughter is the best medicine

Week 40 – Laughter is the best medicine

This image is quite a literal one. I’m seeing a lot of conversations about pill shaming, in this world where we constantly question our self worth I can’t believe this is something we have to face. If someone has the courage to seek help for whatever they need to make life a little better, no one should ever make them feel bad about that.

For reasurance, this image is of Vitamin C tablets.

Week 41 – Trick or Treat

Week 41 – Trick or treat

There are many people that think the best thing about autumn is Halloween, I am not one of those people, Christmas is my thing, although pumpkin carving with the family is the best!

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