52 Week Project – September

Summer’s supposedly over and the daily grind commences and finding a photo a week is tough! I don’t think I could dream of the 365 project. Look below at my images from this month.

Week 34 – Back to School

Week 34 – Back to School

Being an adult can be pretty sucky. However, my back to school theme was my trip to Croatia. Probably the furthest I’ve ever been abroad, this holiday was full of fun and experiences. From getting stranded on a questionable boat in the middle of the ocean, finding our own little nook on a beach and attempting to crash a boat party.

Week 35 – Tie A Ribbon

Week 35 – Tie A Ribbon

Nothing makes me happier than photographing a wedding. It is such a privilege, and I have to say on the day is very stressful but, seeing their reaction to the images makes it all worthwhile.

Week 36 – Wacky Races

Week 36 – Wacky Races

So this is my mother. I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t look very wacky, does it? But, this woman doesn’t drive, and the fact she managed to race me on her own without a car, I applaud.

Week 37 – Harvest festival

Week 37 – Harvest festival

This post is very nostalgic, with week 37 being no exception. The Harvest festival used to be a big time for my school, I personally loved wrapping the boxes. It’s a shame I’m not that good at wrapping for Christmas. Here is my take on the Andy Warhol pop art trademark of the Cambell’s Soup.

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