52 Week Project – July


The month I got the worst sunburn of my life. Tried my hand at event photography and harassed a lot of friends to model for me

Week 27 – No Filter

Week 27 – No Filter

An adventure down to Bournemouth saw me in portrait heaven. From Carousels to arcades, I had been waiting for a shoot like this for a long time.

Week 28 – Digital

Week 28 – Digital

Digital is a hot topic wherever you look. It feels like the world revolves around phones and social media but who remembers the old TV static. It used to be almost hypnotising.

Week 29 – Private

Week 29 - Private

It makes me so sad that so many beautiful places are blocked off to the public and left to decay.

Week 30 – Pure

Week 30 – Pure

Moments captured like this are pure and untainted.

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