52 Week Project – June

Some of the hottest weather on record began this month, and man alive this project is tough. To keep inspiration flowing, and to not feel constrained by the topics is so hard! See my 52-week submissions for June

Week 23 – Sub

Week 23 – Sub

In the world of photography, this title could cover all manner of sins. Literally. So here’s a boat! I live in a gorgeous part of Wiltshire and this challenge has really allowed me to see it in a new light.

Week 24 – Joint

Week 24 – Joint

Week 25 – Enough

Week 25 – Enough

This year has been a huge year for me, in a selfish way I have been focussing on myself, what I need in life. And this particular week, myself and the life of Lilly travelled to Hamburg for the weekend. I mean actually got on the plane without a suitable adult and just went to a different country. That’s enough spontaneity for a while.

Week 26 – Burp

Week 26 – Burp

I hated this topic.

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