52 Week Project – March

Can you believe that March has been and gone? I mean seriously, yesterday felt like I was counting in the new year, not four months ago! Now this month has been very strange, I’ve been snowed in for three days and then met some lovely new people, it snowed again and then I ate my weight in Mini Eggs. It’s not been a bad one and here are my March photo’s to prove it. March has been a quiet month for me while I prioritise other aspects of my website other than blogging but the 52-week project has continued!

I have to say 52-week photography projects are hard, but the rewards are worth it! All topics chosen are set by our photography group leader Alley, a studio owner who’s imagination is as vast as her creative skills. It knows no bounds.

Week 9 – Cold

Snow landscape photo
Week 9 – Cold

What it says on the tin. In March 2018 the world watched as the UK lost it over the freezing temperatures it was facing, now I am a complete wuss, I stayed indoors for most of it, managed to scare myself driving and spent most of it in my PJ’s. However, I managed to go out and brave the chill for the 9th week of the project. Pretty much what it says on the tin here. It was cold.

Week 10 – Bonkers

Red and blue fashion editorial portrait with blue tracksuit and red back drop
Week 10 – Bonkers

POPPERS ARE BACK PEOPLE! Have you seen them? The 90’s trend is back with vengeance in my shoot with Elica. Who can say that this outfit is not bonkers? Plus, you know, it’s blue so what could be better?

For week 10 we brought a touch of glamour to Swindon! No one has ever said those words together. Ever.







Week 11 – Once Upon a Time

Week 11 – Once upon a time

This one kind of says it all really, sometimes don’t you just feel like climbing a mountain of books? It does remind me that I do not read enough!

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