52 Week Project – February

As February ends I sum up the month with my images for my 52-week project. As some of you may know one of my new year’s resolutions was to produce an image once a week every week for the year, and this was a goal I could actually stick to, with the help of my photography group – a motivated and inspiring group of women you can’t help but be excited to work with.

Week 5 – In a Previous Life

silhouette self portrait of myself as a queen
Week 5 – in a previous life

In a previous life… a difficult subject to base your image on. I went with a queen. Whether this means I was a queen before I definitely am now – well try to be anyway.

50 shades of white entry for 52 week project using a white artichoke
Week 6 – 50 shades of white

Week 6 – Fifty Shades of White

Week 6 was a tricky one. I pride myself in low light photography and textures so creating an image all with white tones was tough. But that is what this whole journey is about, trying new ideas and techniques, this is one I definitely won’t be revisiting for a while though.





Week 7 – Wild thing, what makes you angry?


Multiple exposure self portrait with landscape
Week 7 – Double exposure for what makes you angry?

Week 7 was a time where people were getting to me. Sometimes it feels as though everyone has an opinion on your choices and ideas and yet they don’t have to live with them. Sometimes I wonder if living in the middle of nowhere away from everyone would make me happy… I know it won’t but this lead to my double exposure image. Double exposure is a way of merging two images together, back in the day of film this would have been created by two negatives, however, my double exposure was created in Photoshop. This hard work actually won week 7’s submission and I couldn’t have been more proud, even if I was being very negative in creating it. What makes you angry?

Week 8 – Fear of the Unknown

Abandoned Chair in front of a landscape background
Week 8 – Fear of the Unknown

Week 8 of my 52-week photography project concludes with the fear of the unknown. I mostly have a fear of loneliness and the more and more people I get to know the more common this seems. During my commute to work, I saw the chair above and kept telling myself I must stop to take a photo. Every day I drove passed for 4 days and it was raining or I had no way of stopping but finally, I did and must have looked insane to the oncoming traffic. The next day I drove past and saw that the chair had gone which did give me a seize the opportunity type epiphany.

What were your new year’s resolutions and have you stuck to them?

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