Laundry Day is highly commended!

My favourite laundry day image has received a highly commended award. This is a shoot that’s meant so much to me, every time I see the photos it reminds me how much fun it was to shoot and edit, it brings a smile to my face every time! Here’s to laundry day – the only thing involving washing to make me smile!

Highly commended award for laundry day portrait of model behind the washing machine window

Laundry Day

Do you ever just get the feeling you want to roam around a launderette, on a Saturday, while customers wash their duvets? I have for the last year as I drive past one on my Friday journey home from work. A launderette, I thought apart from Eastenders, who even uses one now?

I contacted the owner of laundramagic, Helena, which was a big deal for me because this was my first official location pitch. This is where you say “what are you scared of? You do this for a living”, well actually a lot of my work was very studio based at the beginning or locations that are convenient to me. The pitch for the launderette was completely new to me, and I hate to say it, social media helped me combat that, I met with Helena through facebook and arranged a meet-up. Hindsight will tell me to create great art you need to get out of your comfort zone. Give up your preconceptions of people and attitudes because people want to be a part of something awesome, and that’s what this was. If only I was this sane.

editorial portrait in the laundrette
It’s at this point where I highly recommend building a Pinterest board showing your ideas. No one tends to understand them until they see the finished result, in this case it’s a load of washing machines in a photo, how is that aesthetically pleasing?
That’s how!

I approached a friend of mine, Bex Sweeney, a makeup artist in Swindon and got a plan together. Filled with wacky and wonderful ideas that then stemmed to, why don’t we just have fun with washing machines as a theme? Original huh?

Portrait of Beats with leaves in the background

Our model Beats returned to work with us, who I originally shot in the image below, how skills change! And we went cameras in tow to the launderette.



By far the most exciting photoshoot I’ve experienced, customers trailed in throughout the day with socks and pants from the previous week, I met what felt like the entire family of Helena and was made to feel a part of it and the tumble dryers were too hot so were a shutter away from melting the makeup off! Helena was taking photos of the shoot to tell her daughter what was going on who didn’t believe this was happening in her mum’s launderette. I love telling people my ideas because they look at me like I’m insane and I get to prove to them that I am but I also take great photos!


Fashion portrait of model laid on the floor in a laundrette

To use the launderette, as payment, we made a donation to Mind, a mental health charity which I would recommend looking into, they do great work.

Colourful portrait with yellow background in laundrettemodel laundrette portraitModel sat on top of washing machines in fishnets and shorts with a yellow backgroundModel posing with her feet on a table in front of a big windowVintage portrait of model standing in front of the washing machines in a laundretteModel holds onto washing machines in a launderette wearing a fur coatfed up model sat in front of a big window in vintage tones

Polaroid is back

On my twitter this week you would have seen various tweets from me losing it over Polaroids very exciting, and cryptic, return. Impossible project, who I have been an avid investor of in the last three years, went dark and on 13th September became Polaroid originals.

After the purchase of Polaroid by the family of the Impossible Project, back in may, the long process of re-branding and getting the iconic Polaroid’s name back on the film began.

For those of you who don’t know, back in 2004 Polaroid stopped producing instant film, believing that they had enough to supply, however demand exceeded expectations and by 2008 the film was almost gone. Due to the digital movement Polaroid shifted it’s business plan and would shut it’s factories. With the resources from Polaroid sold off and destroyed, Impossible had to start again, hence the long developing time, quirks in the film, expense and the “Impossible” name. They all believed it to be impossible!

Impossible bought an old Polaroid factory and begun, from scratch, to produce instant film for classic 600 and sx-70 Polaroids again. With the knowledge there was a market out there, just look at vinyl! Starting from scratch their film wasn’t perfect, especially wasn’t instant, but this was part of my love for it. They brought back the Polaroid we all remember, it was expensive but, it was just amazing to see the passion again.

The first instant camera was imagined by Edwin Land’s daughter, at the age of 3, who wanted to see the photo her father had taken of her on holiday straight away. And with that Polaroid as we know it was born. Now 80 years later, Polaroid’s name is back on the instant film products, with a new kid on the block. The new i-Type camera is bringing Polaroid into the 21st century with the one step 2, it looks like a Polaroid camera but it has rechargeable batteries (WITH A USB!), a self timer and powerful flash. A Polaroid for Millennials

This is why I own two Polaroid cameras instead of a Fuji Instax, the Instax can be fun, but the Polaroid has blood, sweat and tears – maybe I’m a bit bitter.

Let’s bring back the Polaroid generation!