Polaroid is back

On my twitter this week you would have seen various tweets from me losing it over Polaroids very exciting, and cryptic, return. Impossible project, who I have been an avid investor of in the last three years, went dark and on 13th September became Polaroid originals.

After the purchase of Polaroid by the family of the Impossible Project, back in may, the long process of re-branding and getting the iconic Polaroid’s name back on the film began.

For those of you who don’t know, back in 2004 Polaroid stopped producing instant film, believing that they had enough to supply, however demand exceeded expectations and by 2008 the film was almost gone. Due to the digital movement Polaroid shifted it’s business plan and would shut it’s factories. With the resources from Polaroid sold off and destroyed, Impossible had to start again, hence the long developing time, quirks in the film, expense and the “Impossible” name. They all believed it to be impossible!

Impossible bought an old Polaroid factory and begun, from scratch, to produce instant film for classic 600 and sx-70 Polaroids again. With the knowledge there was a market out there, just look at vinyl! Starting from scratch their film wasn’t perfect, especially wasn’t instant, but this was part of my love for it. They brought back the Polaroid we all remember, it was expensive but, it was just amazing to see the passion again.

The first instant camera was imagined by Edwin Land’s daughter, at the age of 3, who wanted to see the photo her father had taken of her on holiday straight away. And with that Polaroid as we know it was born. Now 80 years later, Polaroid’s name is back on the instant film products, with a new kid on the block. The new i-Type camera is bringing Polaroid into the 21st century with the one step 2, it looks like a Polaroid camera but it has rechargeable batteries (WITH A USB!), a self timer and powerful flash. A Polaroid for Millennials

This is why I own two Polaroid cameras instead of a Fuji Instax, the Instax can be fun, but the Polaroid has blood, sweat and tears – maybe I’m a bit bitter.

Let’s bring back the Polaroid generation!