52 Week Project – April

We are now into the swing of May, and what I can hopefully say is the start of summer! This month has been a hard one to keep up with photographing once a week, but we’ve got there. Have you taken on any projects this year? If so what helps you stay motivated. Take a look below at all the images submitted for my 52-week project in April.

Week 12 – Horrify Me


Image of a fake owl in a tree
Week 12 – Horrify Me


Let me just start this off with the worst week possible. In our female photography group, we have a mixture of skills, some are in portraiture and some are in landscapes. However, for this week our theme was horror. I hate horror films, I hate horror and I certainly cannot shoot it. It just doesn’t inspire me at all!

So for this week is a picture of a fake owl. Now you might think why is this scary? Well, owls are lovely creatures, very majestic I’m not denying that at all, but when I was a teenager, myself and a group of friends decided to watch the Fourth Kind, and ever since I’ve never been able to trust the things!

Week 13 – Free week

Ginger model portrait in sheer floral dress
Week 13 – Free Week

We all lose a bit of mojo now and then so for this week we had free reign on what we could submit. This week’s photo is of Gemma Huh, a model from London I had the pleasure of photographing at Pozers Studio, Cricklade.

Week 14 – Friendship

Week 14 – Friendship

Now, this girl I have known for almost 8 years. We recently got back in touch and I got the pleasure of photographing her in a record shop in Wiltshire. If that’s not friendship, I don’t know what is.

Week 15 – Abstract


Abstract portrait of woman through a glass
Week 15 – Abstract


We all know I’m a portrait photographer and abstract really isn’t my thing, but I gave it a go with a glass and some sunshine!

Week 16 – Spring


Landscape of the rapeseed flower
Week 16 – Spring


What tells me spring is on the way is Yellow fields and Bluebells. On my commute to work, I am surrounded by golden landscapes for miles. The smell is god awful but I do think they look gorgeous.

Week 17 – Frame 


Portrait of model framing her eye with her finger
Week 17 – Frame

Getting back to what I know and love with portraits with Eli. My biggest aim for 2018 was to get out of my comfort zone and this girl just does it. Surround yourself with creative individuals so your life will never be boring.



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