Andrew & Pia – A year of marriage

It’s crazy to think it’s been a year since Andrew and Pia got married, a lovely celebration and a big day everyone had been waiting for.┬áTo mark their anniversary I wanted to look back on their happy day and see how their first year as man and wife has treated them.


Black and white bride and groom portrait

What was your favourite part of your big day?

Andrew: “When Pia walked through the door.”

Pia: “When I was standing there with Andrew, it was like I didn’t need to think about a thing. He also gave me a massive bear hug when they pronounced us as husband and wife which made me feel so safe.”

Do you have any advice you would give your past selves or anyone else about to embark on their own wedding?

Pia: “Don’t stress, at the end of the day everything will happen, and because you are marrying the right person you will have a lovely day whatever happens.”

Andrew: “Plan and make several lists in time order, also buy plenty of alcohol. Remember: you’re not marrying a cake!”

How has the first year gone by for you?

Andrew: “It’s been fantastic!”

Pia: “Nothing has really changed, just a sense of calming and a feeling of security and safeness.”

What have you learnt from each other in the last year?

Andrew: “Pia farts!”

Pia: “She can’t post that! What I have learnt is that it is possible to feel complete.”

What has changed since you’ve been married?

Andrew: “Nothing has changed, just a continuation of how it was before we were married, you just feel more complete. It’s the natural progression of a good relationship.”

Pia: “The ceiling needs painting Love.”

You did buy a cat, Eva, as a wedding present to yourself…

Andrew: [Chuckles]”Big mistake…”

Pia: “She is both of ours then – she’s crazy, lovable and fits in our home perfectly. We’ve been through some troubles since we’ve been married and if it was possible it brought us closer together, things have happened and we’ve been a huge support to each other.”

What advice would you give people about to celebrate their first anniversary?

Pia: “Don’t overthink everything, nothing needs to be perfect, keep things simple.”

Andrew: “Everyday is an anniversary.”

What were your favourite images from the big day?

Pia: “I have two; the one of George and I, even though he did drag me down the aisle, and Andrew and me hugging – we didn’t realise you were taking that and it just captured the feeling that in that moment all that mattered was Andrew and me.”

Andrew: “This one was mine”

Black and white bride and groom portrait

Photographing their special day was a pleasure and I wish them many more happy years together.