“You don’t need a camera anymore”

Yes, this is going to be one of those Phone vs. Camera debates – let’s sit tight, it’ll be over soon, I promise.

Now we all know that camera phones or “Phoneography” has helped me find my spark again, after a great workshop on phone photography I found myself reaching for my camera (after dusting it off) at every opportunity. However, there is this big stigma around phone photography.

These are my opinions and by all means let me know what you think.

Phone cameras are amazing, to me they help make the world a prettier place on a day-to-day basis – I’m excluding selfies from this equation. There is no harm in a little post on instagram after you’ve had a great day or you’ve forgotten your camera at the worst opportunity. To me it was great fun learning about all the things my phone could actually do.

This is where you hear the “but”. A phone was never designed to replace a camera in the way a photographer uses them, they were there to give everyone the chance to capture a shot at a moment’s notice. One experience I had photographing a wedding sticks out in my mind where someone with an iPad stood next to me and said, “this iPad makes that camera of yours redundant”. Now I am all one to commend technology and embrace change, however when you have a massive tablet in front of your face, you’re not enjoying the happy day are you?

Something else to bare in mind is the happy couple have paid for someone to capture their day, they do not want a photo (unless requested) of 20 iPhones capturing the big day too. I seem to be picking on apple a bit there, and I do apologise.

You cannot just waltz into a wedding prepared to photograph it and say to the bride “I left the camera at home today but it’s ok I have my phone” – she would throw the bouquet at you, and then demand a refund.

So what do you think? Should we all be selling our equipment off now and give up? I know I won’t be. As for him, I’m happy knowing that all the images that were taken on the tablet were blurry.

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