Twenty three

twenty three flat lay with the tog bag

Two weeks ago I turned 23 and I wanted to mark the occasion with a birthday blog post. With my birthday’s photography is always at the forefront. Last year was all about falling back in love with photography with a new camera lens and this year is all about thriving on it.

One of my gifts was the Navy Tog Bag, have you seen these? I mean they are the prettiest photography bags you will ever see and of course I got the blue one. We all know first impressions on a shoot are important, they can mean the difference between repeat bookings and one hit wonders.

On my first shoot with the bag, I was told ‘that’s a neat bit of kit!’, and it is, I’m not saying that the Tog Bag will improve business but it certainly makes you look the part.

The tog bag with the canon 5d mk iv

For all those organised tog’s out there, the Tog Bag has slots for every piece of equipment you might need, it even has a hidden compartment for your laptop for editing on the go. Too big? They have a mini tog bag, which I confess is on my wishlist!

A new bag justified the purchase of the Canon 5D Mark IV, I went to Jessops and actually bought it. Having upgraded from the 7D, my reasoning was that it was time, although I am not bashing the 7D. I just want to make it known that a good camera does not a photographer make, I’ve come from the 1000D to the 7D and then to this, it is all about the photographer. This is not retirement for the 7D though, it is now resigned to the second in command.

Bald model framed by wooden windows and blossoms

The image above is from my latest shoot with the 5D and Rosa Fury

What’s on your photography wishlist?