Body Image Photography Project

I thought I would start my official posting with a couple of throwbacks, as it’s Thursday. These are mostly my favourites from the past year of A Level, if you have any comments please let me know! (Please note: suggestive nudity)

So these were my first shoots for my A Level Unit 3: Personal investigation. I started looking into women’s body image and how we all feel about ourselves, as a baseline for my unit. I was very lucky to have the gorgeous company of Danni, who I ran up to with the idea of getting her to “strip back” thinking she would say no, but instead she was full of beans for the idea. This filled me with fear knowing I had her trust and I was basically telling her to take her top off in the college studio, which was terribly awkward when we heard a bellowing laugh from the next room, but after I was so happy about how they turned out, and how much fun we had.

black and white body image from behind

I then went on to focus on our opinions of ourselves, even the more obscure ones. Like, you hear “I’m feeling fat today” quite a lot, which I worked with, but also when do you hear someone hating their body for being too skinny? It’s hidden¬†more. (These are just my opinions that sparked my inspiration, no offence intended.)

So as a result I graffiti’d all over Danni’s body, poor girl, and used the same low key set up. (I do love my shadows!)

  Body image of tape measure around stomach

Eerie and dark studio portrait

The one below then became my favourite and one of my final pieces for the Unit.

Body image low key body portrait of the back of body

nude portrait of red haired model with low key studio lighting