Let’s go wild with Indytute

This one is for all those Instagram lovers out there, Urban Photography Safari is waiting for you!

Speaking as a bit of an Instagram addict myself, regularly refreshing my feed to surround my day with pretty aesthetics, Indytute offers a course to enable you to take pretty pictures for the iPhone novice with a fun meet-up surrounded by like-minded snappers.

Urban safari portrait with graffiti wall

As a present I wasn’t sure what to expect, shooting with a phone, that is something I’ve had drilled into my mind as a no no I thought, but as a gift, I went with an open mind. When was the last time I actually shot anything anyway? The thought just intimidated me at this point. So even if I could feel inspired for an hour in my day, what’s the worst that can happen? I could enjoy myself and reduce the fear of being judged, something I struggle with on a daily basis.

Full length portrait in front of a graffiti wall and window

I ran to Shoreditch with DSLR, determined to dust off the cobwebs, accompanied reluctantly with my S6 edge in tow. Searching for someone that looked remotely creative, which in London is more difficult than it sounds, and began from there.

James Millar is a fun and engaging Photographer, specialising in documentary photography. He spotted my camera immediately and, even though it was a course for the phone lovers, helped me use this towards the end of the session. We started off with the basics, composition and rule of thirds and moved from there to approaching people with Street Photography – a big challenge for me. What can I say? I was converted and since then my Instagram has never looked the same again.

If you are struggling with being creative, I would highly recommend this course, it motivated me just by being in a different environment and surrounded by people that were just as excited as me. Take a look, for £22 I would highly recommend it.

Street photography with people walking in front of a blue house