Bluebell Photoshoot with Evie

“Why aren’t they pink?” – Evie

April 2017

To mark the beginning of Spring, I had the pleasure to shoot a gorgeous little girl and her mother. Evie and Danielle were a pleasure to have a session with, a time full of laughter and love, which makes me smile just by being able to share the images. Not only did I want to show Evie’s character, the love between mother and daughter was more such an important thing that I had to do justice.

Mother giving a daughter a piggy back and the daughter laughingMother hugging daughter in a field of blue bellsToddler sat on tree stump surrounded by blue bells

To start the session off with “Why are the Bluebells not pink?”, was telling to how much fun we were going to have. Evie played, jumped, ran and laughed, so quickly it was almost a challenge to keep up with her. And her beautiful ginger locks were a perfect contrast with the backdrop of bluebells.

black and white mother daughter portrait with daughter kissing

Evie was full of laugh’s until the last ten minutes when she told meĀ it was time to go home, however, not before capturing this gorgeous moment between the two of them. All I can say is it was a pleasure to spend time with these ladies, get to know Evie, and start looking for other locations with Pink flowers instead of Blue!

Mother and daughter sitting in the bluebells