Girl Power

Let’s take ourselves back to when we’ve felt the least inspired – so unmotivated you forgot why you even began a hobby, task or idea. If you’ve never felt like this then I commend you, you can even say envious, and you can stop reading now. But, since my time in the studio, my creativity has been abandoned, ignored for other things thinking they were a priority. This is ridiculous, I am beginning to think of creativity as a flower, it needs to be nurtured and cared for and it will flourish, without this, it will shrivel up and die (a bit dramatic there Beth – but I’m nothing if not a drama queen).

So what are you going to do about it? Sit and moan and think the world owes you a favour when you’re too scared to even show the world what you have to offer. Poor self-esteem ruins creativity, it makes you think not one person wants to see your idea, and yet that is a reason to stop? No!

Full length portrait in front of a graffiti wall and window

Recently I attended a small photography course in London, how to take better photos with a smartphone (that is a debate for another day) and from there my work just snowballed, now all I want is to take beautiful photos and share them with the world.

From there, with an image here and there, I found an advert for an all-female photography group. Not intended to offend any males, however with so many photography groups out there, for someone, especially someone like me it can feel overwhelming and daunting to attend. But, this group promised to deliver fun and inspiring meetings that are within a safe environment. What can I say? It certainly delivered that, an atmosphere where women could express their feelings, ideas or even worries without the fear of looking inferior or being judged and be surrounded by like-minded women that are just like you.

With monthly meetings and competitions, PoZers’ offers us a chance to develop our skills, ideas and confidence and I just cannot wait to see what we can all come up with.

Here come the girls!

One thought on “Girl Power

  1. Your one inspirational young Lady Beth, and you will succeed now your passions returned. We all have times where the love of something, can quickly turn to hate, sometimes because of people, life experiences, bad days, feeling alone, it’s happened to us all. But picking yourself up after these times is what makes us strong, sometimes we need to loose something so we appreciate what we have got !!! PoZers is my second chance and it looks like you’ve found yours !!! Let’s go get them !!! We can do this !! Together we stand, divided we fall 🤗😊😉🙃☺️

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